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To offer companies a more human approach to the recruitment profession, Gioia Diomede created APR. She tells us about it.

Tell us the story of APR's inception

I come from a scientific academic background, and I had a first life in Operations, mainly in the industrial world. I switched to recruitment with the desire to approach it from a new angle of business expert, more pragmatic. Having been a candidate, a manager having to recruit and an employee, I capitalized on my experience to offer a service closer to the expectations of employers and candidates, and not an industrialized, excessively digitalized and impersonal approach.


How do you manage your missions ?

Ideally, I intervene as soon as possible: as soon as the need is defined in order to be able to validate the consistency between the specifications and the current market and bring my expertise. By understanding the context of a search, I am better able to develop a relationship of trust and a real partnership with both my client and my candidates. The presentation of CVs is only a cog in a complete support system that guarantees business continuity.

It is important to remember that APR's mission is to be a facilitator throughout the process and to provide support up to the integration of the candidate and beyond.

How is the recruitment market impacted by the current changes ?

We are in an era of changes in our systems and modes of operation. The political, economic and ecological context is pushing the sectors to be rethought. The era of prediction gives way to the control of risks, it is more and more necessary to know how to bounce back.

On the recruitment side, the impact is positive because these transformations generate recruitment needs, create new professions and new forms of work. If we talk about talent shortages in many professions, executive recruitment continues to increase, which allows us to talk about almost full employment.

In this context of transformation, the talents that will have the advantage will be those able to adapt and evolve with the vagaries of their ecosystem: this is why we must pay great attention to soft skills when recruiting, including resilience, taking initiatives or the ability to solve complex problems.


What are the expectations of candidates today ?

What are the expectations of candidates today?

Candidates are looking for evolution, we have fewer and fewer linear profiles who will do the same job for 40 years. There are growing expectations about the company's culture, DEIB and CSR topics and management style. They continue to look for attractive salary conditions, but this is no longer the only decision factor. The flexibility of work brought by lockdowns and new worldviews make them seek that balance between private life and professional life and personal convictions/ professional impact.

What are the benefits of outsourcing a recruitment ?

As an external partner, I have a complete vision of the market, and more height. I am able to have a more rational, less emotional approach to recruitment, with fewer positive or negative biases. I remain flexible, because all my clients and candidates are different.

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