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ABOUT Gioia Diomede

President & Founder of APR - Career Coach


From Operations to People

Gioia is a multi-faceted professional with a diverse and extensive career trajectory. Initially in the industry, running Operations, she turned to HR consulting, focusing on recruiting and talent management projects. Her academic background in engineering, coupled with a double master’s degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, laid the foundation for this first exhilarating career in Operations; nevertheless, it was Gioia's entrepreneurial spirit that led her to create her own firm. She leverages her profound understanding of the challenges faced by SMEs and global corporations to establish high-performing business lines, enabling her to promptly identify needs and deliver effective solutions for People.

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apR - OUR story

From Inception to a Vision

APR was born out of Gioia's vision defining APR's mission to provide comprehensive talent management solutions that go beyond traditional segmentation. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of career development, APR offers a holistic approach that includes certified career coaching and outplacement services alongside expert recruitment. Our mission is to support both organizations and individuals throughout their entire professional journey, ensuring sustained growth and success.


Tailored & Pragmatic

Choosing APR means partnering with a dedicated professional who brings pragmatism and unwavering support to every project. We understand that in a hyper-competitive market, both Organizations and Individuals value a consultant who listens, understands, and delivers results. Our approach is rooted in empathy and collaboration, ensuring that each interaction goes beyond mere transactional exchanges. With a focus on providing practical solutions and tailored guidance, we strive to create a consultative experience that fosters long-term professional relationships. APR's commitment to transparency, integrity, and a genuine passion for career growth and organizational success sets us apart in the talent management field.

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360° Talent Management

At APR, our services encompass the full spectrum of talent management:

Headhunting & Selection: We excel in identifying and recruiting top-tier talent for organizations of all sizes applying the right methodology.

Outplacement Services: We support Organizations in transformation, offering comprehensive outplacement services to help them focus on their road-map whilst supporting departing employees.


Career Coaching: As a certified career coach, Gioia provides personalized guidance to individuals seeking to advance their careers, helping them achieve their professional goals.

By integrating these services, APR ensures that both Organizations and Individuals receive the support they need at every stage of their professional journey, making us a 360° talent management consulting firm.



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