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At APR, our primary focus is on providing strategic consultancy and support to our partner companies in defining and implementing their talent strategies, covering both acquisition and management. With particular expertise in the Italian and French markets, thanks to the binational background of Gioia Diomede, we are poised to assist you in a diverse range of talent acquisition and management projects.


If you have a specific talent search ready to launch, entrust it to us. From precisely defining your needs to overseeing the progress of the chosen candidate, we collaborate closely to ensure the longevity and success of your recruitments. APR's extensive expertise and network are at your disposal, supporting you at every stage of the process in close partnership with your teams.


We excel in resolving various recruitment challenges, including but not limited to:

Managing applicant's compensation expectations​

Addressing internal and external company-specific challenges and navigating environmental factors

Overcoming talent pool shortages

Adjusting to applicants not meeting the target criteria

Handling a lack of internal resources for talent acquisition management

Dealing with a shortage of hard or soft skills

Ensuring confidentiality

Managing fluctuations in the number of applicants

If you require a thorough understanding of the market before initiating a selection process or preparing your next strategy, APR can conduct a comprehensive market mapping, providing valuable insights into how the talent market can meet your current needs.


Similarly, if you are contemplating a revision of your remuneration policy, consider a salary study and report tailored to your specific requirements.


On a broader scale, if you find the need for an external audit of your talents or seek specific market information, let's sit down together to define your needs and an action plan. This will enable APR to deliver a customized and optimal solution.


Benefit from the extensive experience and expertise of APR in talent identification, sourcing, evaluation, and network building.

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